Great brands usually have a great logo. Its a common graphic mark, emblem, symbol that is used by companies and individuals to be recognised. There are many things to consider when choosing the right logo for your company.

If you want to make any impression and grow your share of the market you need consider a number of key factors. Typeface, graphic, colour are just a few of the key ingredients which go into making the right impression. Most people think of a logo as a graphic, so this is very important that the graphic is designed professional and not a piece of clip art that would have be used over and over. It is important that the graphic is created so it can be applied and adapted to any forms of media, print, websites, stationery.


Your logo has to be cost effective yet build on your brand reputation, it symbolises what your company represents and conveys the right message to your customers, not just in the short term but for many years to come.

Some of the logo designs we have developed

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