Traditionally printed media was one of best ways to reach your market through newspaper, magazine, trade journal advertisements. But with the ability to interact on-line there has never been a better opportunity to use your advertisement budget more effectively.



 Advertising is a form of marketing communication, normally used to persuade your clients, customers to take a form of action, buying a product or service. This is achieved through selected media outlets.


You can now interact with your audience in numerous ways, through mobile phones, television, internet,

(social media, PPC). Whilst still maintaining an off-line presence through the usual channel, billboards, bus side, magazine advertising.



Creative use of images, copy,  colour and

layout Let us help you create your next strategic advertising campaign.

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  • That first impression gives you the opportunity to create something memorable, creative, through the use of imagery, copy content headline.
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  • Making an impact and engaging with you perspective customers is normally down to the initial impression you make.
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  • The St Ledger Festival is the oldest horse race in the world. We have created, banners, flags magazine advertisements in support of the festival for the past 5 years for our local council.
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  • Galp Energia is an energy company – finding and extracting oil and natural gas from sites across four continents to deliver energy to millions of customers every day. Human were invited to launch LPG gas a new product for Galp Energia in Gambia, through a series of gas stations they owned in. We used billboard, newspaper, forecourt banners, radio advertising as part of our strategic campaign.
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